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Custom Made Rugs

25hands Rug Studio makes not just any rug.
We make rugs just the way you like them. Big or small, with or without fringes and in various colors. You can even add a border if you like.
Because when you’re investing in a rug, it might as well be the perfect one.
If you can’t find what you are looking for in our collection, or you
need a specific size or color, just let us know.


Expert Advice

Need advice on what rug is right for you? Fire away. Have a look here or contact us
Our team has years of experience with interior design and can help you with (free!) advice and suggestions.


Global Delivery

After the production and quality check we deliver your rug at your doorstep. And we’ll tell you something more: it’s included in the price!


Socially Responsible

The best part is that 25hands operates in a social responsible way; it is important to us that everyone involved in the production of our rugs,
benefits from them. When purchasing a 25hands rug, you help us support adult local artisans, many of them women, by providing them with an independent & fair income and a safe place to work.

Who We Are

Jolijn Heine

Jolijn is a travel enthusiast and entrepreneur. Working in cargo business management in Europe and Asia for more than a decade, she experienced e-commerce first hand and saw the huge potential (and challenges) of having the right product at your doorstep at the right time. Trading places, Jolijn got inspired by the local craftsmanship and entrepreneurship in South-East Asia. Sharing this with Barbara, the timing was right and 25hands took off.

Barbara Fritschy

Barbara is hitting all the right style notes with her interior design business Make Room. Barbara launched her company in Singapore in 2012, offering affordable interior design and styling to both residential and commercial clients. Her style is described as diverse, with Nordic sensibilities and the understated qualities of natural and organic. Finding it impossible to find good quality custom rugs for her interior projects, she decided to source them herself. She found the perfect partner in Jolijn and the rest, as they say, is history.