How to choose your rug

Not a stylist? Not a problem. From rugs for your living room and hallway to adding some coziness to your bedrooms, we break down the essentials to help you find the perfect fit. Let’s start with the measurements of your rug and then discuss materials.

Big Space? Spacious rug

A mistake people frequently make when buying a rug, is that they buy it too small. Such a pity, because adding some centimeters to your rug will give you more options to move things around or use the rug for a different space.

If you have your furniture placed against a wall, like most of us have, do it this way; make sure your rug is large enough to fit the front legs of all furniture pieces. Measure it so, that you can place at least 30 cm of the rug under the sofa and about 20 cm on both sides. This way you have room to shift the rug or move things around. 

If you have chairs next to, or opposite of the sofa, the rug should be big enough to place the front legs (or all four) on the rug.


If you have a console in the same room, let the rug end at least 40 cm in front of it. That way you’ll create some walking space.

For large rooms with furniture placed in the center, the rug should be spacious enough to place your furniture on top of it, so it can connect it all. This way you have your own cozy island. For a luxurious feel, go big and take 20 cm of rug visible behind the furniture.

Smaller room? Center it

Smaller spaces do so well with rugs! A rug will add color, design and/ or softness. When you have a somewhat smaller room or corner to decorate, make the rug smaller as well and place it in the center of your seating area. Place all furniture on an even distance to create consistency. Or go big and cover your floor with an beautiful area rug. 

Dining Room

For the dining space, the choice is yours; you can place all the furniture on your rug or just your dining table. The best size under a dining table is about 60-70 cm wider all round and in proportion to the table, accommodating chairs when people are seated as well as standing up (shoving their chairs backwards).

Do you have a round table? Beautiful. Place a round rug under it to accentuate the shape and design.

Bed Room

Yes, a rug in your bedroom is a great idea! To create a soft, warm place to cuddle up in or to add some color and brightness to your room. There are several options. You can place two smaller, identical rugs on both sides of the bed. We suggest to keep bedside tables off the rug to highlight the floor and keep that spacious feeling. Or you can go for a round rug, tucking it slightly under your bed.


For a more luxurious look, place a large rug underneath the bed with a generous amount visible at the foot and sides. Extend the rug from the bottom 2/3 of the bed, that should do the trick. If you feel you can do with a bit less, you can also pull the rug up until only half of the bed.

Kids Bed Room

What works for your living & sleeping areas, works even better for Juniors room! A rug adds color, softness and some spark, making the room immediately their own.

Tuck the rug slightly under the bed to ensure little feet can find it easily. In a shared bedroom, place the rug between the beds to visually connect them and create a central play space. Smaller round rugs work well here, they make spaces feel intimate and playful. Add one to your nursery or play room!

What material works for you?

25hands makes rugs of various materials. But what material should you choose for your rug?

What way will you use it?

First of all, determine the use of the rug. Will it be in a space where there is a lot of traffic, like a hall way, a living room or an office? These areas need a rug of more durable material. If you are looking for a rug for your bedroom, you might prefer a softer material. Will it be used in a room where there are pets as well?  We can offer you rugs made of materials that are easy to clean.  

See below the materials we use for our rugs. We described the pros and cons of each. As you know, 25hands only uses natural materials and all rugs are handmade.

Wool is the most common material for rugs. It’s prized for its durability and softness. Since it’s a natural fiber it can adjust to various climates. In colder climates, a wool rug will warm up your room, in warmer climates it can have a cool touch.

Woolen rugs are strong and have a good resistance to soiling. But since wool is very absorbent, it can be difficult to remove stains once they have been absorbed by the fiber. As with all fibers, the best method of preventing a stain, is to treat the spill as quickly as possible or use a professional cleaner.

Note that wool absorbs humidity, so it is not ideal for damp spaces. It can also be subject to fading when placed in too much direct sunlight. Wool is flame resistant, unlike synthetic materials.

25hands sells handmade high pile woolen rugs, like the Casablanca, Azilal and Fez. We also sell flat weave woolen rugs, like Queenstown and Trellis.

Jute is a plant based fiber. Because of its natural look, a jute rug fits almost every room and style. Besides that, they’re very durable, so ideal for busy households with small children or pets. We love the natural color of jute, but if you dye them, they’re even more stunning.

It’s true, rugs made of jute won ‘t give the same physical warmth as a woven rug. But if they’re made of a good quality jute, like the 25hands jute rugs, they can be surprisingly soft underfoot. Jute rugs are very affordable.

Cotton is often used as a material for rugs. We use it to make flat-weave rugs. These type of rugs are completely flat (so no pile) and are quite sturdy, making them ideal for any room. Flat weave cotton rugs are very popular, since they can be made in various colors and patterns. To clean a cotton rug, you can just scrub them.